Our Projects

Dearah Association for Social and Humanitarian Action

Child Protection & Prevention of Trafficking

ASHA NGO works in the bordering locations along the Indo – Bangladesh border and the deltaic region of the Sundarban, which have been quite vulnerable for adolescent children; particularly the girls  in point of their protection ….

Child Protection & Prevention of Trafficking 

Children are the future of our society. They should be nurtured carefully. But as the day progresses children’s lives are being spoiled in many ways. So our society is getting darker day by day. Here, Asha NGO is thinking about children’s betterment and working for this as well. We conduct safety sessions with adolescent girls and boys on various types of safety measures. Basic educational classes are taken as back support. Our NGO links them up with many Govt. and Pvt. schemes. As well as we aware children of every social evil such as child labor, child marriage, sexual abuse, trafficking, etc. 

Work With Women

Though we are living in the 21st century till women are not empowered. There are places wherein women do not have the right to be educated, and independent. This is very heart-breaking that we do not consider women as a strong entity. But Asha NGO wants to give the touch of independence to them. So we train them on alternative livelihood to ensure financial stability. Women who are victims of domestic violence get counseling sessions from our professionals, and awareness of basic legal literacy. They too get the awareness of financial planning and budgeting. Our members link up women with various schemes of the government. This is how we make sure the empowerment of women.

Natural Calamity

When nature decides to show how cruel it can be no one can prevent it. We have been realizing this since a few days ago. A couple of days ago we as well as the whole of West Bengal faced a devastating cyclone called Amphan. In 2020, 20th May whole of West Bengal was shaken by the Amphan cyclone and that caused widespread damage in West Bengal. Particularly the rural areas were in life-threatening condition. In Sundarban the cyclone has disfigured the lives of people living in the Sundarban. Houses have been torn apart and maximum people became homeless. Asha NGO was there to help them in the post-Amphan situation. We tried to repair houses of extremely needy people as much as we could. Pregnant and lactating women got nutrition kits, medicines, weekly health check-ups. Dry rations were provided to needy people. Children and old people got weekly health check-ups and required medicines. Nutrition kits and education were provided to adolescent girls too.

In 2020 people’s lives of the whole world has been altered in both enormous and small way due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The people of West Bengal have faced a lot during this period. Not only health crisis, but they have also gone through the financial crisis, unemployment, starvation. In this situation, Asha NGO supported people to recover their situation. We distributed dry rations to needy people. Migrant labor got hygiene kits. Health check-ups and medicines were provided to needy people. 

Empowering Community on Health Orientation – ECHO

Health care is the most important matter of life. But most people neglect it. Especially the people of the village. They do not notice their health even do not get proper facilities. Asha NGO trains women of rural areas on basic health management and distributes clinic services and medicines to needy people. Adolescent girls are nurtured on Adolescent Reproductive Sexual Health ( ARSH ). And women are nurtured on Reproductive Child Health ( RCH ) and Family Planning ( FP ).